Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I'm looking for specific photos but I can't see where they would be, how can I find them?

A: A majority of our high resolution images are protected invisible to the public.  After you've created an account and are logged in, we will be able to assign you access privileges based on your needs.  Please note that you must be an LA Galaxy staff member, AEG employee, or an official club affiliate to be granted access to our archive.


Q: How do I download an image?

A: There are several ways to download images.  Photos can be downloaded individually or in bulk.  When viewing an entire photo gallery of images you can choose the "Select Photos" button in the top right of the gallery page, click on the photo or photos you would like to select, then click the "Download" button that appears in the top right side of the page.  Enter your email address if you've selected multiple photos and you will quickly receive a download link.  If you've only selected one image, it will download immediately after you've clicked the download button.  When viewing an individual image, there are two ways to download. The first method is to hover over the top left corner of the image until the "Menu" box appears. Choose the option you would like from the "Download" tab to begin downloading the image.  If you choose the "All available originals", enter your email address to receive a link to download all of the high resolution images contained in the gallery. Choosing "Original" will download the high resolution image with no watermark.  Smaller image sizes will contain watermarks.  The second download method is to click on the image and choose your option from the "Download" button above the image.


Q: How can I quickly find photos of a specific player, fans, or certain subject?

A:  Using the search bar in top right corner, enter the player name or keyword.  To fine tune a search, enter the player name or keyword as well as the year and/or month.  Choose the "Photos" tab to view individual images from the search results.  Please note that search results are limited to the most recent 500 images within the search parameters. Clicking on an image will take you to the gallery the photo is contained in. To keep the search results open, command or crtl click the image to open the photo in a new tab.  For a specific list of searchable keywords, please see our Keyword page


Q: How can I save my favorite images to reference later?

A: When viewing an individual image or gallery of images, hover over the photo and click the small heart icon which appears.  By default the photo will be added to your "My Selection" favorites.  Access, change, or create a new set of your favorites by selecting "Favorites" in the top left corner of the website.


Q: I am logged in but some galleries are asking for a password to access, do I enter my login password?

A: No, some galleries are setup for access with passwords.  Please contact us if you were not given a password for the specific gallery you are attempting to access.